Why I Blog


I have a lot of thoughts. Some good, some bad, some are nonsense – but I’m definitely always thinking about a million things.

I also have a lot of hobbies but tend not to stick with only one for too long. That’s why I love blogging. A blog, for me, is a lot of different hobbies. Each story, each post, touches on something else I love to do, on a different topic, and that’s what makes it so interesting for me.

I write for a living, and it tends to be about a different topic every time, which is what I love to do.

This way, I’m always creating something new and coming up with new ideas on what to write – and that’s exhilarating.

Why do you blog?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I love writing but was always too shy to share my stuff. So I decided to begin blogging as a way to gain confidence 🙂

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    1. newpmv says:

      Definitely how many people start 😊 Still not confident to share with everyone I know, but it definitely does feel good to write it out anyway. Thanks for commenting ❤

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