The Weather Vs. Mood


It’s a strange thing – I’ve always felt like the weather controls my mood way to easily. I come from a sunny country and have always been a somewhat happy person that enjoyed their day on the beach and walking outside with friends.

However, as soon as I moved to a country that has a lot less sun on a daily basis (and especially during the winter), I suddenly started feeling my mood was changing every day, and that every day it was either happy if it was sunny, moody if it was cloudy, or sad/pensive if it was rainy.

Supplements really helped at first (Vitamin D), but I feel like over time my mood was just as influenced by the weather as before.

Do you have this too? Is it the same or the opposite? (I have met people who are less happy when the sun is out.)

I’m curious, let me know below!


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  1. In New England towards the end of a long winter, some people start getting down. They become sad, depressed. It’s very real. 😘

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    1. newpmv says:

      Yeah I’m in England now so it’s very much similar here unfortunately! Thank for the comment 😉

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      1. Yes but an interesting point. In Oregon, where it rains a tremendous amount, the people around me never let the dark dreary rain ☔️ get them down, they just grabbed their raincoats and went about their business. 🤔

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      2. newpmv says:

        Weird! Maybe it’s more the gloomy weather, still a bit of a mystery to me 😛

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      3. Me too, having experienced the down of the weather here.

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  2. Andrea says:

    I’m the odd one here!
    I don’t necessarily like rain, but cloudy, gloomy, windy weather makes me so happy!

    Sun and heat make me sweaty and annoyed. Also the sunlight gives me my a strange orange color. Not to mention the ants marching into my kitchen floor. UGH.

    Nevertheless, I am sorry that you feel this sad!


  3. ellesecrit says:

    I don’t really find the weather affects my mood, but I’ve lived in a gloomy place all my life!


  4. Jerika Hebert says:

    i find when it’s cloudy/raining outside it gets me in a down mood(not sure why, it just happens!!)


  5. Rabindranath Pradhan says:

    I enjoy the bad weather when on leave.


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