Writer’s Block


Writer’s block feels cruel. For the most part writing is something that comes very naturally to me. I love putting words down and expressing myself, I love explaining a feeling, telling a story, describing a place.

Whenever I have writer’s block, I feel as though a “super power” has left me and I can no longer write anything. Until now I’ve mostly just pushed through and it’s worked, but sometimes it’s hard to keep writing when you have no new ideas and when every possible word combination you can think of doesn’t sound quite right. I know people who struggle with writing generally, and this makes me think if this is how they feel on a daily basis. Because, if it is, it doesn’t sound great to me.

What is some of your advice to get over a writer’s block? I’ll try anything at this point 😉

Let me know below (please!) 😊


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  1. A. D. says:

    I have a brain that will never hush up until I am sitting at a table, a pen in hand and a sheet of paper in front of me. Then all is quiet. Sometimes I might manage to put something down, but it never measures up to my formal, sesquipedelian standards, or down to the slang and profanity ridden, excessively simplistic ones of most everyone else. Methinks the lesson here is: Do not make a habit of reading flowery old books. It will kill your confidence faster than any other poison.

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  2. Melanie B says:

    I’d love to know as well 🙂


  3. ArtsyChic Creations says:

    I don’t truly believe in writer’s block or creative block, it’s usually when I’m tired or frustrated that I feel “blocked.” I find if I give myself a break and do something else that inspires me, truly give myself time to relax and refresh, and/or just busy myself with something else for a little bit and come back to later in the day or the next day the “block” disappears.

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    1. newpmv says:

      That’s true, I don’t fully believe it either but lately it’s crazy (mostly at work). But those are good tips, thanks!


  4. Hopyrane says:

    I usually think of writer’s block as sign that I’m exhausted because I have poured out myself. So when it comes (like it is right now), I give writing a wide berth for some time. I take my mind off writing to do other things I enjoy…music, reading, movies, swimming blah blah. Those things have a way of putting me in that relaxed mode that usher in creativity. And well, I always like to prepare for blocks while I still have my muse; I write as much as I can when I can, so that I won’t feel dry when there’s a block.

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    1. newpmv says:

      I do the same, whenever I’m very inspired I write as much as I can 🙂 And thanks for the tips!

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  5. keniwrite says:

    I feel you get blocked if you force yourself to think about what to write. writing should come naturally. That is why You need a relaxed mind and a quiet environment . If I am faced with that kind of situation I remind myself of why I started in the first place.

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    1. newpmv says:

      Agreed, it’s harder when it comes to writing at wrote with tight deadlines, however :/


  6. Haven’t faced the problem as yet!! So difficult to analyse

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