Every moment of our lives is blessed. Either that is because we’re living to see another day, or because it’s sunny, or because you had a especially good cup of coffee in the morning – there’s always something you can be grateful for.

Today I’m grateful for a sunny day, for amazing friends and family that support me, for having a roof over my head, for the fan in my room that keeps the heat from killing me (it’s a daily struggle :P).

We tend to yell out when something is wrong and talk about everything that’s wrong with our lives. What about we start focusing on every little thing that’s right too?

Watch the change happen right before your eyes 😉


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  1. catharticrantss says:

    Thanks for reminding me what I have to be grateful for!

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  2. Absolutely there always something we can find to be greatful for!😊

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  3. Lisa Ram says:

    I agree. A few years ago I discovered that, among a very difficult situation, gratefulness made my present moments better. It is quite remarkable how a little change in attitude can make such a difference.

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  4. fivethings says:

    Yes! So good to be intentional to remember all the good and call it out! 🙌

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  5. justychi says:

    So true…am tahnkful for all the great and good things that life has offered me so far…and also for the air i breath….😊

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  6. sushilove51 says:

    yeah its terrible to magnify the downs but quickly forget the blessing. touched by this post 😉

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