The Pleasure of Writing

Writing for me comes out of pleasure. I love coming up with ways to express my feelings, new ways to tell a story, to sell a product, to bring people together towards one cause.

Writing can be forced or it can come naturally (I prefer the latter), but all that matters to me is that I’m still writing out of pleasure and not out of necessity.

I have lost sight of that a few times, but when I do I just take a step back, analyse what I’m writing and approach it in a different perspective that would allow me to enjoy the topic in question – if I can, I try to postpone the deadline for when I’d feel more ready.

What do you write for?


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  1. John Eli says:

    Writing helps me to relax and unwind. I always wish that I could draw or paint. I dont have that talent. Nevertheless, I enjoy painting a picture using words.

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  2. catharticrantss says:

    People express themselves via different ways. I feel writing is my medium. It helps channel my emotions

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  3. I know what you mean, when I feel like I’m not enjoying my us passions like drawing or writing, I take a step back to figure out why I’m feeling that way.

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  4. chadcg4 says:

    Thank you for sharing! I am actually working on my own post about why I write! It’s always nice to hear why people put the pen to the paper or the fingers to keys!

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  5. idealideas says:

    I write for everyone who is willing to read.I think the best content comes through insight out of nowhere,not when you actually sit down to right (I never get any ideas that way).

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    1. So true! Some of my best ideas pop into my head while I’m driving to work or in a meeting. I carry a tiny notepad so I can scribble my ideas down before they float away out of my brain.

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      1. idealideas says:

        And when they float away I feel like I lost gold or something 😂

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      2. OMG right? 😂😂😂 I get a little panicky looking for my notepad. My purse is always full of pieces of notepapers. I have to be careful throwing receipts away because I’m a pinch I’ll write on the back of them.

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      3. idealideas says:

        Hahaha 😂. Similar thing happens to me in class.I keep a pencil ready and write in the corner of my fair notes any ideas that come up in small words.I don’t want my professor to catch me scribbling in an unknown notepad.

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  6. I write because it’s a great stress relief. I write because I have something to say and I come off way better in print then I do when speaking. I write because it makes me happy. I love your new page set up btw.

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  7. I write because it brings me joy. If others enjoy reading what I write that’s a bonus, but I write for the joy of writing rather than the hope it will be read.

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  8. I write a personal diary. I see it as the guardian of my days gone by. Both the happy and sad ones. I feel both kinds of days have taught me a lot of lessons.

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  9. I personally love to write what’s on my mind at that given moment. I’m not really a big reader myself, unless it’s something I have interest in. Then I’ll read and remember it.

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