Writing Anywhere You Go

My best writing comes at unexpected moments. That fleeting thought that will never again be reproduced, that inspired moment that can come at any time. Yes, any time, even when […]

A Tale of Happiness

It was a tale. Or a mirage. Or something vague. It was a dream only briefly achieved, but one that could last forever. It was the fire in their eyes […]

I’ll Write About Anything

Nowadays, there’s a lot of advice out there saying that, for a blog to do better, you should really be focusing on a niche market, that your content should be […]

Thoughts Late at Night

The thoughts come late at night. It’s not always the same and it has progressed over the years, but it’s where I feel like my mind is the most active. […]

Fear of Abandonment

Do you know what it feels like? It’s somehow not wanting to let people go, but letting them go before they have a chance to, so you’re not hurt. It’s […]

Knowing When To Say ‘Enough’

Knowing when to say enough is a very important skill not everyone has. Some people certainly know how to say “I’ve had enough, I cannot take this anymore”, but do […]

Travel Luxembourg: The Many Languages

One thing that really surprised me in Luxembourg, and to which I have referred before, were the amount of languages spoken in such a small country. I already knew the […]