Too Many Interests

So I’ve always known I wanted to become an architect and loved to draw. Until that meant giving up all my other interests. So I changed to a socio-economics course […]

Be Who You Are

This idea seems to be going around a lot recently, and it is very important. Being who you are means accepting everything about you and not being afraid of sharing […]


Anxiety prevents you from succeeding. It keeps you from going on. It complicates everything. Anxiety not only destroyed certain friendships, it kept me from making new ones. It makes me […]

Clean Master Empire

Hello everyone, So it is very likely you have heard of these applications before, but they have become one of my favourite collection of apps and they take very good […]


Hello everyone, So today I decided to talk about an app that has helped me a lot in the past couple of months. This app, like the title says, is […]

Help With Procrastination

Procrastination: a 15-letter word that ruins most of my days… and most people I know agree. To be completely honest, until recently I did not completely understand myself why I […]

Introduction to Everything Is Hack!

Hello, As you can probably tell, I want to make this blog space into one that offers tips and advice on various topics, from everyday little things to fashion tips. […]