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Category: Advice

Drink Plenty of Water

My body feels like it’s full of toxins. Heavy, negative feelings that keep lingering every day and come back to haunt me more and more every day. Drinking plenty of […]

How to Handle Negative People?

What if you don’t have a choice and you’re stuck having to stay around negative people that make you feel worse day by day? What if you cannot handle that […]

Listen to Me

It’s hard talking and talking but not feeling heard. Knowing that it’s all falling on deaf ears because there is no care for how you actually feel or what will […]

Meditate the Pain Away

When life gets too much, and too loud, the only thing that seems to quiet my mind and get myself back into a healthy place is meditation Meditation made its […]

Opening Yourself to the World

Be open to the world, let people in. Closing yourself off because you’ve been hurt in the past will not help you get over the issues you’re facing. It might […]

Basic Human Instinct.

Be kind to others, don’t watch them suffer. Putting yourself in their shoes isn’t enough – how could you possibly know the amount of hurt their going through? Remember, you […]

Let the Anger Go

Let the anger go, it’s making you sick. Don’t let it take control of your every thought and action, because it will result in you being unhappy with your own […]

Writing Anywhere You Go

My best writing comes at unexpected moments. That fleeting thought that will never again be reproduced, that inspired moment that can come at any time. Yes, any time, even when […]