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Category: Advice

Importance of Setting Goals

Sometimes it is difficult to stay on track and feel like yourself the entire time. It’s difficult to always be uplifting, positive and energetic when your body keeps feeling down […]

How to Recharge: 7 Tips

I’m not always the best at recharging my batteries – sometimes I put others’ needs in front of mine (not necessarily a bad thing), and end up not being able […]

Let Go of Fear

Fear is one of the cruellest feelings in town. Fear of failing, of meeting new people, of trying new things, of the unknown, of loving and being loved. When you […]

Feeling Positive

Feeling positive and in control is not very common for me, but I have been feeling like that lately. Not only am I capable of decreasing anxiety and feeling more […]


Every moment of our lives is blessed. Either that is because we’re living to see another day, or because it’s sunny, or because you had a especially good cup of […]

Happiness Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Happiness is a weird emotion.* Sometimes we know that everything is right, yet we don’t feel happy, and that makes us wonder what’s wrong with us. You can also be […]

You Deserve It

Why do some people tend to settle for less than what they deserve? Why do we, as people, think we’re not worth it? If you’re around someone who constantly brings […]

8 Tips for Learning a Language

I’m quite good at learning new languages, understanding how it works. I’ve always been fascinated with other cultures, with grammar and with vocabulary, and that has really helped me develop […]

Advice to a Newborn

Hello, little one. Welcome to the world. This world can be a wonderful place, full of colours, smells, flavours, emotions, experiences, and much more. You can achieve whatever you want […]

3 Tips When Meeting New People

I have always been very introverted and was never able to talk to strangers or approach someone I didn’t know too well. I never liked being that way, but rather […]

Inhale. Exhale. Relax.

There’s a stream of thoughts constantly passing through your head. You can’t focus and every task at hand seems to take three times longer than it normally would. You try […]

5 Ways to Get Inspired

Keeping inspiration up can be so difficult. This comes from a person with around 25 hobbies (because I get bored of one and tend to move on to another, switching […]

3 Best Ways to Increase Productivity

We’ve all done it. Started the day thinking we need to be productive, but the responsibilities just get to be too much and you end up watching a TV show […]