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Category: Business

3 Reasons to Use Social Media as a Business

Social Media can be an incredible tool for businesses all around the world – when used correctly. It establishes presence, increases credibility in the business and delivers a message that […]


Companies face many issues. Lack of organisation, communication and know-how are some of them. But one that seems to be a constant in business is bad management. Bad management is […]

E-mail merge

I’ve recently realised some SMEs don’t know about/how to use mail merge. Mail merge has many advantages, the main one being that you get to save a lot of time […]

Business – How to Succeed?

Business is a very complicated concept, more complicated than some individuals believe it to be. Business isn’t just about a trade. It’s not solely about approaching customers. Business is a […]


Marketing is a fundamental part of any business. As many other topics before, marketing has received a bad reputation among the general society, as it is perceived as unethical. Whilst […]

Clean Master Empire

Hello everyone, So it is very likely you have heard of these applications before, but they have become one of my favourite collection of apps and they take very good […]


Hello everyone, So today I decided to talk about an app that has helped me a lot in the past couple of months. This app, like the title says, is […]