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Category: Lifestyle

Explosion of Words

Today is one of those days where I’ve written non-stop for hours. My anxiety was so bad that I felt like it was the only thing that would make it […]

Being Proud

You should be proud of who you are. But not everyone is told that they should be proud of who they are. Some people are continuously told that they are […]

Writing a Book

Writing a book feels a lot like reading a book. I don’t know if everyone has the same process (and probably not), but I keep getting surprised by the way […]

Am I Being Tested?

Do you ever feel like sometimes the universe is testing you by the amount of obstacles it throws your way at once? It’s not just one thing, or two things, […]

Get All Your Words Out

Do you ever feel like sometimes you just have pent-up words that are translating into negative emotions? When I haven’t written for myself in a long time, sometimes it can […]

Unsure of Myself

The me I see online is definitely me. Me at my best. Me having fun, showing the world all is okay. The me I present online is not necessarily fake, […]

When Anxiety Hurts

Sometimes my anxiety is so bad that I feel like it actually physically hurts. I don’t know how to handle it when there doesn’t seem to be anyone who truly […]

Challenge: Every Day in July

Last year, mostly by chance, I ended up writing one blog post for each day of July. This year, I am consciously taking on this challenge and hoping that that […]

It’s Hot, I’m Happy

It’s like I’m two different people. A very productive, healthy person during the summer who’s constantly happy. Or a very unproductive, sad and unhealthy person during the winter. I don’t […]

Different Personas

I’ve heard people say you should stay true to who you are at all times, and others saying they let out different personas in order to be able to express […]


I love feeling confident. Those days where nothing seems to bother me and I’m completely secure in who I am and how I look. I know my skills and I […]

Some People Are Toxic

Some people seem to have a negative aura about them that goes anywhere they go. No matter what happens to them, it’s always a horrible thing. No matter how many […]

Is This Where You’re Meant to Be?

How do you know if you’re where you’re meant to be? Before I moved to London, I definitely felt stuck, and while in my home country I was happy with […]

Why I Love Exploring

I love walking around in unknown (safe) places for with no aim or goal, discovering places few people have seen before and getting to spend some time not worrying about […]

Top 6 Reasons I Want to Visit Japan

For me, Japan is like a magical country that would be a perfect fit for me. I have never been there (hopefully very soon), but there are so many reasons […]

Going Against the Current

It feels like no matter what you do, the current seems to be fighting back against you stronger and stronger by the day. It means that no matter how much […]