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Category: Lifestyle

Reality Bites

Reality can be a real bitch sometimes. At times, I may feel as if you’re in a perfect world. All cogs of the clock are working perfectly fine and you’re […]

You Can Rest Now

I know life was tough. I know life was beautiful. I know life was full, good to you, but rough. I know they miss you. I know they’re hurting. I […]

A Tale of Happiness

It was a tale. Or a mirage. Or something vague. It was a dream only briefly achieved, but one that could last forever. It was the fire in their eyes […]

I’ll Write About Anything

Nowadays, there’s a lot of advice out there saying that, for a blog to do better, you should really be focusing on a niche market, that your content should be […]

Thoughts Late at Night

The thoughts come late at night. It’s not always the same and it has progressed over the years, but it’s where I feel like my mind is the most active. […]

Fear of Abandonment

Do you know what it feels like? It’s somehow not wanting to let people go, but letting them go before they have a chance to, so you’re not hurt. It’s […]

Travel Luxembourg: The Many Languages

One thing that really surprised me in Luxembourg, and to which I have referred before, were the amount of languages spoken in such a small country. I already knew the […]

Anxiety Days

Are you like me when you can be fine for a while, only having the odd anxious moments or generally only being anxious for very specific reasons, and then one […]

Travel Luxembourg: The Landscape

Luxembourg is not shy of beautiful sights anywhere you turn. Within the first day I found myself in both a big city and a small, cute town, with its own […]

Travel Luxembourg: A Myriad of Cultures

Travelling to Luxembourg was an experience I definitely wasn’t expecting. Being so central to Europe, while I knew many languages were spoken in the country, I never expected to find […]

Travel Luxembourg: Peace on Earth

I’m a person that sometimes loves quiet holidays. Crowds can stress me out, as well as clutter, too many loud noises, and anything along those lines. In reality, I chose […]

Share Your Talent

Everyone has that one special talent they’re very passionate about. And if you don’t, keep searching until you find something you love so much it feels like you’ve found your […]

Serenity: Finding Peace Inside

Sometimes you just need some quiet around you to recharge. And I don’t quiet in terms of tangible noise, but in terms of emotional noise, the negativity that emanates from […]


Life is unstable, and it’s hard to ever feel safe. But do we really want to? Human beings feel uncomfortable when there is no safety. Feel bored when there is […]