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Category: Lifestyle

Why I Need Alone Time

Humanity is chaotic. The world around us is loud, confusing, stressful. I love people, but I hate crowds. I have social anxiety (sometimes… it’s all very subjective to my mood […]

My 7 Wonders (Challenge/Tag)

In order to keep up the positivity I’ve had for the past few months, I wanted to write about 7 things in my life right now that I feel are […]

Dreams & Reminiscing

Do you ever dream about someone from your past that meant/means a lot to you? Last night I had a dream about someone who is no longer a part of […]

Escape Your World

Sometimes you just need a little break from the real world and go into a fantasy world. Sometimes all it takes is a good book, a good game, a good […]

Words Are Powerful

Think about it, in many aspects of life words are powerful (almost too powerful). Words can be put together to make up your favourite story, to drive inspiration, to tell […]

Saying Yes (Challenge)

To anyone that’s watched the movie “Yes Man”, you’ve probably tried this to some extent. I was no exception. Years ago, after watching the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey […]

Pride – Love for All

Today is Pride day in London, the day of the parade. Pride is a day of love and acceptance. A day of unity. Pride was born out of the need […]

Exercising & Its Benefits

I will not claim to be a professional and talk all about the scientifically-proven benefits of exercising, but rather from a personal view and personal experience in the past few […]

The Weather Vs. Mood

It’s a strange thing – I’ve always felt like the weather controls my mood way to easily. I come from a sunny country and have always been a somewhat happy […]


Spotify is one of the biggest music streaming apps in the world right now. Here are 4 reasons why I love it. Browse The browse function with the “Genres & […]

7 Reasons Why Reading is Important

Reading has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up with my dad reading at every spare moment he had for himself, that being in the backyard […]

To My Long-Lost Friend

You might’ve thought it was okay to leave, but it wasn’t for me. You left at a time when my life was falling apart, which hurt even more. The worst […]

Summer Nights

Summer nights have always had a special place in my heart. For me, a typical summer night has a special magic that other nights just don’t. A special calm in […]


Freedom is a very subjective term. Different people find their own personal freedom in different situations. I find freedom in the first cup of coffee in the morning, in the […]

Life Comes and Goes

Life can be a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. Life can bring you good and bad stuff, can make you feel safe and threatened, content and incomplete. Life can make […]