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Category: Lifestyle

The Thing About Growing Up

Growing up, I always hated the saying “I am still searching for who I am”. I simply didn’t understand it. How can you be looking for who you are? I […]

The Importance of Giving Back

When you’re part of a big company, new opportunities present themselves for giving back to those less fortunate, to those that actually need it. I think this is something great […]

Finding Motivation

I have mentioned this before – I have too many interests! These interests usually keep me busy and entertained, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. How can I […]

Words & Photography

The two compliment each other. Writing lets you express yourself. It lets you put your feeling down in text and understand them better than you could before. Pictures are able […]

Too Many Interests

So I’ve always known I wanted to become an architect and loved to draw. Until that meant giving up all my other interests. So I changed to a socio-economics course […]

Be Who You Are

This idea seems to be going around a lot recently, and it is very important. Being who you are means accepting everything about you and not being afraid of sharing […]