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How to Recharge: 7 Tips

I’m not always the best at recharging my batteries – sometimes I put others’ needs in front of mine (not […]

Recharging My Batteries

We all get worned out. We all go through periods in life where we’re completely out of energy, feel exhausted […]

Social Media as a Brand

Having worked for various companies and managing their social media accounts, I feel like I have a pretty good idea […]


Personally I’m not too sure if I believe in soulmates or not. I believe in certain people who are meant […]

Stress as Motivation

Sometimes I like stressful situations because they motivate me to react quicker and think of a solution without procrastinating. Being […]

Unconditional Love

Loving without limitations. Everyone and everything has the right to be loved without judgement. It’s a tricky business opening up […]

Me Time

Me time, for me, includes getting to work on my hobbies. It means focusing on tasks that I want to […]

Feeling Supported

Sometimes you feel lonely, unloved, lost. Sometimes you feel like anything you’re doing doesn’t matter, it won’t affect the world […]

Let Go of Fear

Fear is one of the cruellest feelings in town. Fear of failing, of meeting new people, of trying new things, […]

Wind of Change

I love it whenever there is wind. I’ve always felt very close to it and have always loved windy days. […]

Feeling Positive

Feeling positive and in control is not very common for me, but I have been feeling like that lately. Not […]

Blue Skies

There’s something quite magical about seeing the sky clear of clouds and baby blue the moment you wake up in […]

why is my head so full.

I’m inspired yet can’t come up with anything to write about. My head feels too full with thoughts, feelings, troubles. […]

be antiracist

Now is not the time for inaction. For many years, we have watched injustices against minorities and rising police brutality […]