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The Pleasure of Writing

Writing for me comes out of pleasure. I love coming up with ways to express my feelings, new ways to tell a story, to sell a product, to bring people […]

Feeling Positive

Feeling positive and in control is not very common for me, but I have been feeling like that lately. Not only am I capable of decreasing anxiety and feeling more […]

You Deserve It

Why do some people tend to settle for less than what they deserve? Why do we, as people, think we’re not worth it? If you’re around someone who constantly brings […]

Do You Know What You Want From Life?

The internet has made everything so easy… and at the same time so difficult. We have endless opportunities of what we could be doing with our lives, and sometimes that […]

Wasted Life by Anxiety

I’ve probably lost years by now, years I could’ve spent being productive, chasing my dreams, making new friends. I’ve wasted time I could’ve spent working on a new blog post, […]

Are We Wearing A Mask?

Everyone acts differently when with different groups of people. We all have our fundamental self that stays constant in different environments, but the way we behave changes depending on who […]


I feel trapped. I feel limited by everything around me, by the choices I’ve made, by the life I live. Why does it feel like my path is narrow and […]

Writer’s Block

Writer’s block feels cruel. For the most part writing is something that comes very naturally to me. I love putting words down and expressing myself, I love explaining a feeling, […]

Be as Free as a Kid

I remember being a kid and having no worries in the world. I remember thinking about the future and it having endless possibilities, not thinking about the consequences and the […]

Dreams & Reminiscing

Do you ever dream about someone from your past that meant/means a lot to you? Last night I had a dream about someone who is no longer a part of […]

Escape Your World

Sometimes you just need a little break from the real world and go into a fantasy world. Sometimes all it takes is a good book, a good game, a good […]

The Weather Vs. Mood

It’s a strange thing – I’ve always felt like the weather controls my mood way to easily. I come from a sunny country and have always been a somewhat happy […]

Inhale. Exhale. Relax.

There’s a stream of thoughts constantly passing through your head. You can’t focus and every task at hand seems to take three times longer than it normally would. You try […]

Why I Blog

I have a lot of thoughts. Some good, some bad, some are nonsense – but I’m definitely always thinking about a million things. I also have a lot of hobbies […]