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Companies face many issues. Lack of organisation, communication and know-how are some of them. But one that seems to be a constant in business is bad management. Bad management is […]

The Importance of Giving Back

When you’re part of a big company, new opportunities present themselves for giving back to those less fortunate, to those that actually need it. I think this is something great […]

E-mail merge

I’ve recently realised some SMEs don’t know about/how to use mail merge. Mail merge has many advantages, the main one being that you get to save a lot of time […]

Business – How to Succeed?

Business is a very complicated concept, more complicated than some individuals believe it to be. Business isn’t just about a trade. It’s not solely about approaching customers. Business is a […]


Marketing is a fundamental part of any business. As many other topics before, marketing has received a bad reputation among the general society, as it is perceived as unethical. Whilst […]