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Tag: depression

You Can Rest Now

I know life was tough. I know life was beautiful. I know life was full, good to you, but rough. I know they miss you. I know they’re hurting. I […]

Fear of Abandonment

Do you know what it feels like? It’s somehow not wanting to let people go, but letting them go before they have a chance to, so you’re not hurt. It’s […]

Anxiety Days

Are you like me when you can be fine for a while, only having the odd anxious moments or generally only being anxious for very specific reasons, and then one […]


Life is unstable, and it’s hard to ever feel safe. But do we really want to? Human beings feel uncomfortable when there is no safety. Feel bored when there is […]

Dealing With Loss: 10 Years On

0: This feels like a nightmare, please let me wake up from it. Or, if it’s not a nightmare, please let me just stay asleep forever and never wake up […]

Winds of Change, 2.0

This is a recurring thought I get every time there is a storm… or just very strong winds. Every time the wind comes back, I feel like everything shifts, and […]

Let Me Rest

My body feels tired, out of energy. I don’t know how to get back in the swing of things, when I’m allowed the time to recuperate. I don’t know how […]

Power of the Sun

There’s nothing that works better when I’m down than the sun. It can alter my mood in one second, as I feel a sense of peace and well-being immediately. It’s […]

Losing Your Way

Sometimes I feel like two completely different people. I can be happy, positive, motivated, inspired and overall always smiling. Other times I can be sad, negative, uninspired and depressed. Sometimes […]

Wasted Life by Anxiety

I’ve probably lost years by now, years I could’ve spent being productive, chasing my dreams, making new friends. I’ve wasted time I could’ve spent working on a new blog post, […]