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Tag: Happiness

Blue Skies

There’s something quite magical about seeing the sky clear of clouds and baby blue the moment you wake up in the morning. It’s like the universe is telling you that […]


Every moment of our lives is blessed. Either that is because we’re living to see another day, or because it’s sunny, or because you had a especially good cup of […]

Happiness Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Happiness is a weird emotion.* Sometimes we know that everything is right, yet we don’t feel happy, and that makes us wonder what’s wrong with us. You can also be […]

Words Are Powerful

Think about it, in many aspects of life words are powerful (almost too powerful). Words can be put together to make up your favourite story, to drive inspiration, to tell […]

It’s All About Perspective

Perspective plays a vital role in our lives. How you look at a situation shapes the way you view life, shapes your feelings towards an experience and how you’ll remember […]

Pride – Love for All

Today is Pride day in London, the day of the parade. Pride is a day of love and acceptance. A day of unity. Pride was born out of the need […]

The Weather Vs. Mood

It’s a strange thing – I’ve always felt like the weather controls my mood way to easily. I come from a sunny country and have always been a somewhat happy […]

Advice to a Newborn

Hello, little one. Welcome to the world. This world can be a wonderful place, full of colours, smells, flavours, emotions, experiences, and much more. You can achieve whatever you want […]

7 Reasons Why Reading is Important

Reading has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up with my dad reading at every spare moment he had for himself, that being in the backyard […]