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Tag: inspired

I’m Not Stressing Out

There are days where I honestly feel like I’m losing my mind. A couple of weeks ago, after a full day of (unsuccessfully) searching for a house to rent, anxiety […]

Dancing Because I Feel Like It

When I was younger I used to dance all the time (in my room), just because I felt like it. I was happy enough that any song I liked left […]

Love Is Simple

Love that’s real is simple, it is easily felt. It does not create excuses, it does not ignore or hurt. It knows disagreeing is normal, it knows not to take […]

Let Me Rest

My body feels tired, out of energy. I don’t know how to get back in the swing of things, when I’m allowed the time to recuperate. I don’t know how […]

Stream of Thoughts

I don’t know what I’m doing. But then again, does anyone? I mean, I know what I’m doing professionally and I know I’m good at what I do, but what […]


For it doesn’t matter how you may feel at one moment, the fleetingness of it all makes it redundant holding on to that feeling forever. For if you are happy, […]

Feeling Positive

Feeling positive and in control is not very common for me, but I have been feeling like that lately. Not only am I capable of decreasing anxiety and feeling more […]

Blue Skies

There’s something quite magical about seeing the sky clear of clouds and baby blue the moment you wake up in the morning. It’s like the universe is telling you that […]