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Tag: learning

Me Time

Me time, for me, includes getting to work on my hobbies. It means focusing on tasks that I want to do to the point of it feeling like I have […]

You Deserve It

Why do some people tend to settle for less than what they deserve? Why do we, as people, think we’re not worth it? If you’re around someone who constantly brings […]

Are We Wearing A Mask?

Everyone acts differently when with different groups of people. We all have our fundamental self that stays constant in different environments, but the way we behave changes depending on who […]


I feel trapped. I feel limited by everything around me, by the choices I’ve made, by the life I live. Why does it feel like my path is narrow and […]

8 Tips for Learning a Language

I’m quite good at learning new languages, understanding how it works. I’ve always been fascinated with other cultures, with grammar and with vocabulary, and that has really helped me develop […]