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Tag: Love

Why Is Everyone Hating on Ellen DeGeneres?

Warning: the title is a rhetorical question. I mean, Jameela Jamil mentioned in a recent podcast that actresses go through cycles and are sometimes hated for absolutely no reason (like, […]

The No Tipping Culture in Japan

One thing I found fascinating about Japan was that tips are generally not accepted anywhere, and people might actually get offended if you offer them a tip. The reason being […]

Love Is Simple

Love that’s real is simple, it is easily felt. It does not create excuses, it does not ignore or hurt. It knows disagreeing is normal, it knows not to take […]

It’s Weird Looking Back

Sometimes it’s weird looking back at old photos. It’s weird seeing how young I looked, and the people I loved deeply that are no longer part of my life. How […]

Love Beyond Words

Words are very powerful and can have great impact in others’ lives. But sometimes, words shouldn’t be enough. Let yourself have experiences in life that are indescribable, moments that you’d […]

Take Care of Each Other

Sometimes I feel really alone. I’m surrounded by people that I know love me, but I cannot help but feeling like I’m a burden. No one actually wants me around […]

Being Proud

You should be proud of who you are. But not everyone is told that they should be proud of who they are. Some people are continuously told that they are […]


Personally I’m not too sure if I believe in soulmates or not. I believe in certain people who are meant to be a part of your life, people who are […]

Unconditional Love

Loving without limitations. Everyone and everything has the right to be loved without judgement. It’s a tricky business opening up your mind and heart to the idea of, in some […]

Feeling Supported

Sometimes you feel lonely, unloved, lost. Sometimes you feel like anything you’re doing doesn’t matter, it won’t affect the world in the slightest way and you won’t be able to […]

Let Go of Fear

Fear is one of the cruellest feelings in town. Fear of failing, of meeting new people, of trying new things, of the unknown, of loving and being loved. When you […]

Dreams & Reminiscing

Do you ever dream about someone from your past that meant/means a lot to you? Last night I had a dream about someone who is no longer a part of […]

Pride – Love for All

Today is Pride day in London, the day of the parade. Pride is a day of love and acceptance. A day of unity. Pride was born out of the need […]

Be Who You Are

This idea seems to be going around a lot recently, and it is very important. Being who you are means accepting everything about you and not being afraid of sharing […]