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Inhale. Exhale. Relax.

There’s a stream of thoughts constantly passing through your head. You can’t focus and every task at hand seems to take three times longer than it normally would. You try […]

Summer Nights

Summer nights have always had a special place in my heart. For me, a typical summer night has a special magic that other nights just don’t. A special calm in […]

3 Reasons to Use Social Media as a Business

Social Media can be an incredible tool for businesses all around the world – when used correctly. It establishes presence, increases credibility in the business and delivers a message that […]

The 4 Wonders of Photography

Whether you are a professional photographer or not, photos can bring a lot of joy to a lot of people. This can be because it expresses your feelings, you want […]

3 Best Ways to Increase Productivity

We’ve all done it. Started the day thinking we need to be productive, but the responsibilities just get to be too much and you end up watching a TV show […]


Companies face many issues. Lack of organisation, communication and know-how are some of them. But one that seems to be a constant in business is bad management. Bad management is […]

The Thing About Growing Up

Growing up, I always hated the saying “I am still searching for who I am”. I simply didn’t understand it. How can you be looking for who you are? I […]

The Importance of Giving Back

When you’re part of a big company, new opportunities present themselves for giving back to those less fortunate, to those that actually need it. I think this is something great […]

Finding Motivation

I have mentioned this before – I have too many interests! These interests usually keep me busy and entertained, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. How can I […]

E-mail merge

I’ve recently realised some SMEs don’t know about/how to use mail merge. Mail merge has many advantages, the main one being that you get to save a lot of time […]

Be Who You Are

This idea seems to be going around a lot recently, and it is very important. Being who you are means accepting everything about you and not being afraid of sharing […]


Anxiety prevents you from succeeding. It keeps you from going on. It complicates everything. Anxiety not only destroyed certain friendships, it kept me from making new ones. It makes me […]