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Tag: Tips

Is This Where You’re Meant to Be?

How do you know if you’re where you’re meant to be? Before I moved to London, I definitely felt stuck, and while in my home country I was happy with […]

I’ll Write About Anything

Nowadays, there’s a lot of advice out there saying that, for a blog to do better, you should really be focusing on a niche market, that your content should be […]

Thoughts Late at Night

The thoughts come late at night. It’s not always the same and it has progressed over the years, but it’s where I feel like my mind is the most active. […]

Knowing When To Say ‘Enough’

Knowing when to say enough is a very important skill not everyone has. Some people certainly know how to say “I’ve had enough, I cannot take this anymore”, but do […]

Travel Luxembourg: Peace on Earth

I’m a person that sometimes loves quiet holidays. Crowds can stress me out, as well as clutter, too many loud noises, and anything along those lines. In reality, I chose […]

Why You Can’t Get Ahead

Have you ever come across people who don’t know what they’re doing? And yet, they easily navigate through life, get promotions, and everyone believes they’re doing an amazing job when, […]