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I feel trapped. I feel limited by everything around me, by the choices I’ve made, by the life I live. Why does it feel like my path is narrow and […]

Writer’s Block

Writer’s block feels cruel. For the most part writing is something that comes very naturally to me. I love putting words down and expressing myself, I love explaining a feeling, […]

Escape Your World

Sometimes you just need a little break from the real world and go into a fantasy world. Sometimes all it takes is a good book, a good game, a good […]

7 Reasons Why Reading is Important

Reading has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up with my dad reading at every spare moment he had for himself, that being in the backyard […]

To My Long-Lost Friend

You might’ve thought it was okay to leave, but it wasn’t for me. You left at a time when my life was falling apart, which hurt even more. The worst […]

Finding Motivation

I have mentioned this before – I have too many interests! These interests usually keep me busy and entertained, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. How can I […]

Words & Photography

The two compliment each other. Writing lets you express yourself. It lets you put your feeling down in text and understand them better than you could before. Pictures are able […]